Professional use

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Professional use

Practical and economical

Our bases are designed exclusively for professional use. The pizza bases can be used to prepare classic pizzas, gourmet pizzas and dessert pizzas while the focaccia bases can be stuffed as a sandwich and sandwich or to accompany cutting boards and aperitifs of any kind.

They adapt to any type of room, from pizzerias to cut (pizzas in shovels), to pizzerias to dishes (round), from classic focaccerie to vegetarian focaccerie, from bars, pubs, sandwich bars and restaurants to the factories inside the GDOs. In addition to adapting to any type of new national and international format.

Our bases are practical and easy to use. Do not require the use of qualified personnel, there is a saving of the technical laboratory equipment (kneaders, leavening cells, etc.) and of the square meters of the laboratory. Furthermore, production costs are easily determinable and controllable.