Precoocked & Frozen

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Precoocked & Frozen

from +400°c to -40°c

Our pizza and focaccia bases, after a leavening of about 30 hours, are smoothed and finished by hand, to be subsequently pre-cooked directly on refractory stone at high temperatures (+400°C).Then, after a short stop, they are immediately “knocked down”, i.e. they enter the temperature abatement cells at -40°C. where the ventilated cold quickly enters the product core (bringing it to -18°) thus avoiding the formation of ice macrocrystals.This allows the product, which once de-frozen for the final cook, to return exactly at the time of pre-cooking without undergoing any rheological aging process.

Preservative free

The cold, the oldest conservation technique

We use the immediate temperature chilling method, and keeping the product at -18°C. This is how we guarantee a conservation time of 12 months, without using any kind of preservatives. On the other hand, cold is the oldest natural preservation technique.